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15/08/03     18458

FOCUSVIEW  introduced

     As the manufacturer of a high-end screen, FOCUSVIEW has been committed to the development and production of the projection screen applying new types of optical materials and coatings.  The R&D team, which consists of post doctors in new material related chemistry field, doctors in nanometer materials field, experts in optical physics field, THX and ISF senior certified engineers and senior audio experts, has designed and produced the world’s first crystal rear projection screen with composite coating, the optical screen "black diamonds" series which can be used in bright environment, and the Woven high-gain Perforated screen with a highest resolution satisfying 4 k standard, the 0.4mm ACOUSTIC DIAMOND dedicated to top theaters, the high-gain pearl screen for standard cinema and high-gain metal screen of silver demand series, etc.

     Products of FOCUSVIEW are widely used in professional theaters, home theaters, high-definition monitors, virtual simulations, 3D displays, advertisements, meetings, education and other fields, among which 0.4mm microporous high-gain perforated screen technology is world leading and has signed up as the home theater supplier of  world's top theater company. Company’s black diamonds hard screen has been granted several national patents, and received numerous awards.

     Through many years’ research and development, the crystal high-definition rear projection screen is produced. Combining with the multiple optical coatings of complex process and taking the high strength optical glass as the base material, this screen has not only very high resolution and excellent imaging effect but also high color saturation and contrast. It has a viewing angle of 180 °. Also it has a very long service life.  With strong anti-interference characteristics against the environmental light, its highest gain reaches up to 5.0.Currently it’s widely used in high-end home theaters, command halls, conference rooms, in advertising and so on.

     As the product of  FOCUSVIEW’s latest research and development, ACOUSTIC DIAMOND 4 k perforated screen is the combination of Ultra-precision woven curtain structure and high gain t optical coatings.  With a peak gain of 1.8, it has completely removed moiré effect.  Its average ACOUSTIC DIAMOND is just 0.1 mm, the thickness of the screen is only 0.4 mm, and the medium-high frequency attenuation is less than 1.5 dB. It can satisfy the modern home theater requirements for large screen 3D projection."Black diamonds" and "silver diamonds” series are reflective screens. They have good resistance against light interference. Its screen color is rich with good transparency and extremely strong sense of depth and film. "Crystal diamond" series are retroreflection screen. Adopting "Reflon" technology, its Image quality is exquisite soft, and its color is true.  "White diamond” screen, as company’s entry-level model, It has very high cost performance with a projection effect which is obviously better than the ordinary screen,

     FOCUSVIEW screens, let our products change your life.

     FOCUSVIEW (focus) and Merchants National free service hotline :400 -666-0082


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