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Soft rear projection screen material

When choosing a screen, a very important point is, to fit the type and screen projector projection environment. In order to get the best image, audience's cone angle should not be greater than 45 degrees, or say, seat not beyond 90 degrees of visual angle. The best projection effect is obtained in a dark room, the environment can increase the image contrast and resolution. An ideal projection room should be darkness, leaving only the record needed light, and this light is not directly irradiated on the screen.

Focus video screen can be and very wide cone angle of the projector excellent work. A variety of image size and light output intensity has applied the screen, and can produce the desired special effect. Contact your projector vendors access to the required information, such as the image size, cast length, brightness etc..

Generally speaking, high lumen projector with low gain of the screen, can inhibit the solar effects, enhanced resolution and viewing angle.

Low lumen projector screen with high gain, in not ideal ambient light conditions, the brightness is improved, the image can be displayed.

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