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Mirror system

The OptaKong through the rear mirror folded projection image light path to reduce the installation space projection system when demand for more detailed information please fill in. 


Flash Mirror Display

Characteristics: the first surface, the 94% mirror reflective efficiency ( standard size 42 " x 50 " ) pre-installed, as part of the overall system, mirror in a vertical direction by 20 degrees of adjustment, Pivotal projector installation applicable to a variety of projection system, easy assembly, light tubes were installed, moisture resistance and saline environment


Reflection loss of light : a single glass: 6% double glass: 12% single Myra: 12% pairs of Myra: 24%

The design of reflector mounted on the unconstrained vertical shaft, in different installation conditions is easy to be adjusted, the screen size from 67 inches to 180 inches diagonal diagonal. Using CAD computer-aided design, needs given: screen size, screen projector type, center distance projection onto the floor, the space between the limit.


OptaKong system can provide the standard configuration, can also provide a unique custom installation. The OptaKong system can also support double mirror, greatly reduced projection depth.

Rear-projection reflective system
Rear-projection reflective system
The OptaMirror through the rear mirror folded projection image light path, in order to reduce the installation space demand projection system
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