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Crystal, rear projection screen

Rear projection image quality is better than that of being cast in rear projection is more resistant to environmental light ability, because screen allows more ambient light passes through, rather than being cast as the reflection from the back surface screen.

Diffuse reflection type screen Focusview ( focus video ) unique production process can be guaranteed in the multi screen applications ( side by side) screen having the same gain and color temperature.

Physical characteristics: optical coatings: strong, wear resistant surface scratch: does not affect the screen function, regardless of how the maintenance, do not always contact, also cannot use the ruler, chalk or pencil. Materials: acrylic type easy processing, no arrhythmias; glass type more clearly.

Selecting the substrate: glass and acrylic base in the projector and the audience interval efficient compartmented Focusview ( focus video ) company according to special order in other transparent substrate manufacturing.

FOCUSVIEW® as one of only a handful can independently design and manufacture of optical glass rear projection screen manufacturers, on the projection screen technology development and new product development to spare no effort, in the screen of optical coating technology has a leading position in the world. At present my company glass rear projection screen from the film coating process, coating technology diffusion screen film + diffusion screen to the current development of complete coating process of third generation products -- optical diffusion composite glass screen.

The product description:

FOCUSVIEW ®optical glass screen is a new type of optical design as the basis, the use of advanced manufacturing technology and manufacture, both diffusion type rear projection screen and a Finel lens rear projection screen has the advantages of integration projection screen. This screen surface is coated with anti-reflection non-glare coating, increase the light transmittance and prevent glare, backside optical bead lens layer absorbs light and the control light directional propagation, then will converge on the light along the vertical direction of conduction to the imaging layer, which can effectively avoid the sun effect, improve the gain of the screen and uniformity, to avoid the phenomenon of " dark corner ". Imaging of coating in the absorption of light at the same time, a built-in optical crystal light to the audience at a 180 degree angle uniform diffusion area spread, making visual angle range reached 180 degrees. High transmittance optical glass substrate into the nanoparticle formulations for optical additives, with the back of the environmental light absorbing coating, can effectively reduce the interference of ambient light, greatly enhancing the contrast of the image, ensure the screen in any lighting conditions can provide excellent display quality.

Because of the introduction of nanotechnology manufacturing optical glass and nanoscale imaging of coating, the glass rear projection screen resolution can theoretically reach the retinal level (i.e., visual resolution limit ), sufficient to meet 1080P and 4K even future higher resolution image display requirements, which is currently with Finel lens manufacturing technology of rear projection screen to approach somebody's greatness. In an optical coating outside, we also added a layer of antireflection coating, can effectively avoid the use of mirror installation environment light reflected back and forth causing virtual shadow phenomenon, at the same time the lens coating were effectively protect.

FOCUSVIEW ®glass screen of the highest gain values up to 5, without visual dead angle, suitable for high-end meeting room, hall of command, studio, advertising display, high-end home theater and other high requirements of the user, to each viewer brings a distinct and highly visual sense.

The basic advantage:

High picture quality, is the greatest feature of this product. Due to the adoption of a nanoscale optical imaging coating, optical microsphere lens reaches micron level, thus forming particles is very exquisite, far less than the projector pixels. Ambient light on the screen shows the effect of interference is very small, the black screen performance is excellent, color saturation and contrast is very high, with high-quality projector, screen the entire screen is crystal clear, color rich, solid stability, structured, display effect can be achieved to monitor the level of demand.

Wide visual angle is the product of a major bright spot, whether this product in a conference room or in the control center, or business show, broadcast the film, can guarantee that each viewer can be anything from a viewing point to clear and bright picture, do not have visual dead angle, viewing angle of 180 degrees. FOCUSVIEW ®screen quality and stability of product consistency and. Each screen coating process are complete clean room, using high-precision industrial computer automatic control of production, and the use of specialized testing equipment on the screen to carry out strict inspection tests, to ensure that the factory screen pass rate can reach more than 99%.

This product through the test, have antioxidant, anti-corrosion features, at any temperature, humidity and other environment will not change, mildew, deformation. The traditional resin material of the rear projection screen is soft, not resistant to scratching, affected by the temperature change is large, the screen is very difficult to guarantee the smoothness. While the glass screen by domestic and overseas experts and users agree that all screen when the flatness in the highest, smoothness of more than 95%, not because the installation caused deformation, played drums, the surface of the screen also has a very high hardness, long service life.

The products through technical innovation, to ensure that the products in the transport, installation, use process is not fragile, not cracking, surface scratch, so as to ensure the safety of the product. This product is not afraid of light, not afraid of water, color is strong, high color saturation, high light utilizing rate, simple, elegant shape thin, simple installation, long service life, the use of water and neutral liquids available during wiping, easy care, screen size can be based on the actual requirements of custom, conventional size can be 150 inches, greater specification of screen can be individually tailored.

The comparison of similar products:

As a very small number of domestic independent research and development and production of optical glass rear projection screen manufacturers, imports of the same type of product price is about our company products 3~5 times, thus has a very high cost. But my company products and imported products are compared, have a considerable advantage, shown in the picture at higher in contrast, dark performance better, at the same time, special glass technology makes the screen internal reflection caused by heavy shadow phenomenon greatly reduced. In addition, our company product customization flexibility, rapid delivery, process maturity and stability, quality has great promise.

The range of application of products:

Command and control center, conference room, television, training and education institutions, advertising media, automobile exhibition hall, hotel, exhibition hall, railway stations, airports, International Conference Center, bank and other big screen high-definition displays the image of the place, but also suitable for high-end home theater.

Rear projection screen to a certain area of the dark room installation, applicable to all kinds of light environment, without the influence of environment light, its special way of installation, can let the audience stood in front without occluding image image. Projection device hidden in the back side of the screen, keeping watch the perfect cleanliness.

●technical indicators:

    1. Screen material: high strength optical glass
    2. Product weight: 15~20kg/m2
    3. Thickness: 5~8mm
    4. Maximum gain: 5
    5. Screen angle: 180°horizontal / vertical
    6. Screen Flatness: > 95%
    7. Screen: hardness Mohs hardness 6.5
    8. Screen color: dark gray
    9. Service life: 10 years
    10. Maintenance: cleaning
    11. Can be customized size ( diagonal ): 80~150.

●installation example photos:

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